Sewing Goals for 2015

I am not a big new year’s resolution person. Instead I choose topics to think about, work towards, or meditate on, but this year I do have some measurable goals for my sewing practice.

  1. Hand quilt something. Maybe something very small- a mug rug, a pin cushion. But hand quilt something.
  2. Quilt my Portland quilt. (uh, apparently I never even posted about that…but )
  3. Quilt my Botanics offset cross quilt.
  4. Take a long-arm certification class at Prairie Quilt to see if I like long-arm quilting.
  5. Learn how to use rivets in bag making.
  6. Make a sewing machine cubby.
  7. Show work in a quilt show. This is cheating because I know I’m showing something on the second weekend of January. I’m terrified; more about that later.
  8. Get more involved in my local quilt guild. Also cheating, because I was just elected to the board of my local quilt guild, haha.

I have some other goals that I want to define more and that are more personal to me. There are some items I want to design myself, which I’m sure will take some painful trial and error, but such is learning and growing.

2015 has been a blast. Can’t wait for 2016!


Holiday sewing- the saga continues

I finished all 16 commissioned Roam zippered pouches!


I’m feeling pretty confident in my zipper pouch skills right now, haha.

But as I finished the home stretch, I had two sewing injuries. I sliced my thumb on a straight pin and got my finger caught up in the needle mechanism. It huuuuurt. And it still hurts.


I started a new job in May, and one of my coworkers has been super helpful and kind to me since I started, so I made her a pillow:

This picture can also be labeled, “straight talk- what my sewing table really looks like right now.”

I have one big project to finish before Christmas, but I am well on my way with it. Can’t share that one til after Christmas. 🙂

Ho ho ho!

Holiday sewing- hexies!


I’ve tried to teach myself how to English paper piece a few times in the past couple of years, to no avail. Since I find myself spending quite a bit of time away from my sewing machine these days, I had renewed motivation to try. I found this tutorial that finally helped the pieces snap into place for me:

And I got busy! I have a few Christmas fabrics that I’d wanted to make wall hangings out of, so I have been fussy-cutting and hexieing them up! 🙂

I’ve been on the lookout for modern hexie projects. I am excited to have this new technique available to me now!

Holiday sewing- that red cup

Hello people of the internet-

I have gotten to do a good bit of Christmas sewing lately. Some for gifts, some for sales, and some just for me!

One project I saw and loved and wanted to try immediately was the That Red Cup pattern from  Tessa Williams.


Tessa Williams’ Sample of That Red Cup Pattern

It helps that she used several of my favorite fabric lines in the sample I saw (Tinsel from Cotton and Steel and Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander)!

So I whipped up a couple. If you are comfortable with paper piecing, they go very quickly. It’s an easy and fool proof pattern. And FREE on Craftsy! Can you believe it?! Happy holidays, indeed.

And of course, after sewing a couple, I had to treat myself to a beverage from the home of the red cup, itself.

I’ve done more sewing, but will share that over the next week or so!

Plus I ended up being commissioned to make 16 of the Roam zippered pouches, haha. Ho ho ho!

The update with bad pictures

I have been a sewing machine. I have needed to fill my mind and keep my hands busy, and sewing has fit the bill.

A few weeks ago I went through a few nights where I couldn’t sleep, so I just started sewing. I had some copies of the Carolyn Friedlander Totem template lying around (you  may remember I did a wall hanging of this after taking a class with Carolyn). So I just started sewing. Paper piecing is great for clearing the mind. Especially when it’s as straightforward as Totem.

I used pieces of a layer cake of Botanics I had.


Well I sewed and sewed and eventually I had a lot of pieces. I loosely used her pattern as a template and am going to make a throw quilt with these “totems” in a large, off centered cross. Here is a fuzzy photo of one of them.


See the other Botanics piece hanging next to it? That’s about to become a pillow.

In other news of being obsessed with Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric, I finally got my Doe fat quarter bundle in. I am using it on the In Flight pattern that I bought a few months ago.


I’ve mentioned several times I’m not great at precision piecing. Hey guess what! It’s still true! So there is some improv going on in these blocks to make up for my imperfect geese. 🙂 I’ll write more about this later, but this has taken farrrrr longer than I expected. I’m about a third of the way done. Here is a terrible photo of some of the blocks.


I think I’ll really like it when it’s done.

Getting excited for Quilt Con! I lurve Austin and I love quilts. Any bloggy friends going to be there?

Etsy shop now open

I’ve dipped my toe in the water of Etsy after a month of research and prep. Because this is currently a side project, I’m not killing myself trying to do every little thing perfectly- just doing the best I can with my skills and resources.

So if you’re interested, feel free to check out Sweet Marie Sewing on Etsy. Hand embroidered hoop art and custom pieces. il_570xN.715734919_kcp9