Galaxy Mini Quilt- first quilt show

I first mentioned this mini-quilt in another post, and wanted to give an update since it is now finished, in some state.


As you can see, compared to my previous post, half of my intended mini is missing. When I started quilting the warm side, everything just went to crap. It wasn’t working, and I knew I was approaching melt-down. So I made an executive decision to go with just the cool colors. It’s approx 13″ x 13″.

For the quilting I was inspired by this tutorial from 107 Quilts: and used invisible thread

Step 6

I’ll be honest. I am having severe anxiety about this. One thing about quilting that I have never been good at is perfection. The day I finished/turned it in for the quilt show, I cried MANY TEARS. I was so ashamed because it didn’t feel up to snuff and I truly tried the best I could.

I’m coping a little better now, but I might have another meltdown when I see it displayed next to to the other submissions from our guild.

But I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book- Big Magic, and it reminded me that all creativity comes with fear and vulnerability, so I’m trying to embrace it in whatever way I can. I know that the upcoming year will hold many challenges creatively for me and require much bravery, so I guess this is a good way to start the year.

If you’re in the area, the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show is this coming weekend. Check it out!


Evolution of a dress

One of my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses is that I generally think I can do anything. In the sense that I’ll see something and say “Oh I could do that.” And I generally think I can do anything with no instructions.

So I saw this pin (I’ve seen the concept before, but decided I wanted to do it this time).



I figured it’d be nice for summer so I set out and got some fabric and a t-shirt, because I’m not arm-confident.


I actually did follow the instructions!  But it was not flattering.


It looked nice on the hanger!


But I realized that this look just wasn’t flattering on me. I think several factors contributed. I think that I left the waist too low, the shirt was too big. I also think the fabric of the long, big skirt was too heavy for the t-shirt.

So then I started cannibalizing it! Cut cut cut! I decided to just focusing on a skirt, because the fabric is so cute. I did a basic chop off the top. and ended up with this big ol mama skirt.IMG_6816

Again, terribly unflattering. Too much fabric. I do well with fitted clothes, so chop chop chop some more. I can’t even re-create the process for you in a sensical way.

IMG_6855 IMG_6853


I just pinned it while I was wearing it in a pencil skirt shape and sewed it til it made sense to me. I did make sure to not make it too small. Measure twice cut once and all of that.

Suburbs mama has a great tutorial on a simple skirt that helped guide some of my processes.

The beauty of sewing or crafting or life in general is that you can start on a path, but if it’s not working for you, just make it up as you go.