The update with bad pictures

I have been a sewing machine. I have needed to fill my mind and keep my hands busy, and sewing has fit the bill.

A few weeks ago I went through a few nights where I couldn’t sleep, so I just started sewing. I had some copies of the Carolyn Friedlander Totem template lying around (you  may remember I did a wall hanging of this after taking a class with Carolyn). So I just started sewing. Paper piecing is great for clearing the mind. Especially when it’s as straightforward as Totem.

I used pieces of a layer cake of Botanics I had.


Well I sewed and sewed and eventually I had a lot of pieces. I loosely used her pattern as a template and am going to make a throw quilt with these “totems” in a large, off centered cross. Here is a fuzzy photo of one of them.


See the other Botanics piece hanging next to it? That’s about to become a pillow.

In other news of being obsessed with Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric, I finally got my Doe fat quarter bundle in. I am using it on the In Flight pattern that I bought a few months ago.


I’ve mentioned several times I’m not great at precision piecing. Hey guess what! It’s still true! So there is some improv going on in these blocks to make up for my imperfect geese. 🙂 I’ll write more about this later, but this has taken farrrrr longer than I expected. I’m about a third of the way done. Here is a terrible photo of some of the blocks.


I think I’ll really like it when it’s done.

Getting excited for Quilt Con! I lurve Austin and I love quilts. Any bloggy friends going to be there?