Holiday sewing- the saga continues

I finished all 16 commissioned Roam zippered pouches!


I’m feeling pretty confident in my zipper pouch skills right now, haha.

But as I finished the home stretch, I had two sewing injuries. I sliced my thumb on a straight pin and got my finger caught up in the needle mechanism. It huuuuurt. And it still hurts.


I started a new job in May, and one of my coworkers has been super helpful and kind to me since I started, so I made her a pillow:

This picture can also be labeled, “straight talk- what my sewing table really looks like right now.”

I have one big project to finish before Christmas, but I am well on my way with it. Can’t share that one til after Christmas. 🙂

Ho ho ho!


Pattern testing- Venice!

I had the privilege to test another paper piecing pattern from Esther at iPatchandQuilt- Venice!

I’ve never been to Venice, but I love that her inspiration was historical architectural elements.

Since as I have been posting about all week, I’ve been bitten by the holiday bug, I wanted to use traditional holiday colors- red and green! And since the pattern lent itself to being interpreted as a wreath, I went with that.

This is a great pattern, easy to follow, no tiny pieces, and comes together pretty quickly. And it comes in a wide variety of sizes, which I love. I also love the monochromatic versions some of the testers did.

Check it out and show off your stuff! IMG_0381.JPG

Holiday sewing- hexies!


I’ve tried to teach myself how to English paper piece a few times in the past couple of years, to no avail. Since I find myself spending quite a bit of time away from my sewing machine these days, I had renewed motivation to try. I found this tutorial that finally helped the pieces snap into place for me:

And I got busy! I have a few Christmas fabrics that I’d wanted to make wall hangings out of, so I have been fussy-cutting and hexieing them up! 🙂

I’ve been on the lookout for modern hexie projects. I am excited to have this new technique available to me now!

Holiday sewing- that red cup

Hello people of the internet-

I have gotten to do a good bit of Christmas sewing lately. Some for gifts, some for sales, and some just for me!

One project I saw and loved and wanted to try immediately was the That Red Cup pattern from  Tessa Williams.


Tessa Williams’ Sample of That Red Cup Pattern

It helps that she used several of my favorite fabric lines in the sample I saw (Tinsel from Cotton and Steel and Botanics from Carolyn Friedlander)!

So I whipped up a couple. If you are comfortable with paper piecing, they go very quickly. It’s an easy and fool proof pattern. And FREE on Craftsy! Can you believe it?! Happy holidays, indeed.

And of course, after sewing a couple, I had to treat myself to a beverage from the home of the red cup, itself.

I’ve done more sewing, but will share that over the next week or so!

Plus I ended up being commissioned to make 16 of the Roam zippered pouches, haha. Ho ho ho!

Galaxy mini quilt

I’ve wanted to do a block or a mini quilt in the style of the Bloomin’ Quilt as you Go block.

Fast forward to now when I need a quick small quilt to whip up and submit to the OKC Winter Quilt show.

I was inspired by the colors of galaxies and space, and asked my boyfriend to choose a picture that he liked for me to use as inspiration. He chose this:


It worked great for the bloomin’ block!

I had a charm pack of both Winter and Autumn of Kaufman’s Patchwork City, so I thought those would work perfectly.

The technique took some practice, but I love improv piecing. I will say I would suggest using longer than 5 inch pieces, haha. But I made it work!

I did a warm square and a cool square:


Hopefully tonight or this weekend I’ll have some time to quilt and join them. They’ll be a wall hanging, but so far I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

Roamy zipper pouch

Tis the season for gift exchanges!

For the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild exchange, which is tonight (I may post-date this blog!), I am taking one of my embroidery pieces-

As well as a little zippered pouch I made. I ordered a sample strip of Roam from Hawthorne Threads, and this was a great project for it.

Considering I live in Oklahoma and work for a Native American tribe, it is perfect.

I love it so much that I may have to make some for myself. Some of my friends saw it and I’m already making 6 more for them!

If you don’t know how to make a zipper pouch, this is a great tutorial that can be modified for any size- See Kate Sew. I sewed batting to the exterior fabric pieces to give it a bit more structure.

Tis the season!

Test Block- October Sky

A few weeks ago, I saw that Esther at ipatchandquilt was looking for testers for her new paper piecing pattern, October Sky.

The pattern is very well written. I consider myself an immediate paper piecer, and had no problems. I love the different effects you can achieve with different fabric coordination.

I decided to go all solids and had an and created an ombre effect. I like how it turned out! My star took about 3 hours total (I did it in 3 chunks).

Swing by and check out all of Esther’s patterns– they are awesome!