Sewing Goals for 2015

I am not a big new year’s resolution person. Instead I choose topics to think about, work towards, or meditate on, but this year I do have some measurable goals for my sewing practice.

  1. Hand quilt something. Maybe something very small- a mug rug, a pin cushion. But hand quilt something.
  2. Quilt my Portland quilt. (uh, apparently I never even posted about that…but )
  3. Quilt my Botanics offset cross quilt.
  4. Take a long-arm certification class at Prairie Quilt to see if I like long-arm quilting.
  5. Learn how to use rivets in bag making.
  6. Make a sewing machine cubby.
  7. Show work in a quilt show. This is cheating because I know I’m showing something on the second weekend of January. I’m terrified; more about that later.
  8. Get more involved in my local quilt guild. Also cheating, because I was just elected to the board of my local quilt guild, haha.

I have some other goals that I want to define more and that are more personal to me. There are some items I want to design myself, which I’m sure will take some painful trial and error, but such is learning and growing.

2015 has been a blast. Can’t wait for 2016!


Timber QAL- Week 1

Time to get excited for colors! For week one of the Timber QAL with Modern Handcraft, we are looking at colors. I chose Kaffe Fassett Shots in blue and green (and yellow!).


Here are some accent fabrics that I am also considering adding in, Kaffe Fassett Stripes, and another solid in a beautiful coral:


I also realized that some of the Alison Glass hand printed batiks would coordinate well. I’m keeping an open mind about adding these in:

Here is the diagram of the pattern that we are supposed to color in. Here is where I’m running into my problem. I don’t know what to do for the neutrals. I love using neutrals beyond white and black, neither of which I really want to use on this quilt. I love Essex Linens, and I have rust, leather, black and navy. I don’t feel like they look right with this quilt. Does anyone have any great ideas for neutrals??? Either colors or particular fabrics?


IMG_7984 Next to the Essex Linens

Timber QAL

timberFRONT4.7MBI was excited to see that Modern Handcraft is hosting a quilt along of Alison Glass’ Timber starting in March. I bought the pattern in a Christmas sale and this is a great chance to have some motivation to get it done.

I’ve been thinking a few days about what colors to do it in, and today I pulled the trigger and went ahead and ordered them.

I wanted to do solids, and I wanted to do a masculine colored quilt, so I went with Kaffe Fassett Collective Shots.

Here are the ones I chose below:Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.58.13 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.58.28 AM

And Kaffe Fassett Woven Strip in Emerald 


I am looking forward to getting started! There’s still plenty of time to plan to join!

The update with bad pictures

I have been a sewing machine. I have needed to fill my mind and keep my hands busy, and sewing has fit the bill.

A few weeks ago I went through a few nights where I couldn’t sleep, so I just started sewing. I had some copies of the Carolyn Friedlander Totem template lying around (you  may remember I did a wall hanging of this after taking a class with Carolyn). So I just started sewing. Paper piecing is great for clearing the mind. Especially when it’s as straightforward as Totem.

I used pieces of a layer cake of Botanics I had.


Well I sewed and sewed and eventually I had a lot of pieces. I loosely used her pattern as a template and am going to make a throw quilt with these “totems” in a large, off centered cross. Here is a fuzzy photo of one of them.


See the other Botanics piece hanging next to it? That’s about to become a pillow.

In other news of being obsessed with Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric, I finally got my Doe fat quarter bundle in. I am using it on the In Flight pattern that I bought a few months ago.


I’ve mentioned several times I’m not great at precision piecing. Hey guess what! It’s still true! So there is some improv going on in these blocks to make up for my imperfect geese. 🙂 I’ll write more about this later, but this has taken farrrrr longer than I expected. I’m about a third of the way done. Here is a terrible photo of some of the blocks.


I think I’ll really like it when it’s done.

Getting excited for Quilt Con! I lurve Austin and I love quilts. Any bloggy friends going to be there?

Mid Century Modern Quilt- seeking ideas

One of my fabric buys this month was a layer cake of Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander. Here is what it looks like if you’re not familiar!



I adore the color palate and the minimal patterns. I really want to make a mid century modern inspired quilt.

I have looked and looked for inspiration, because I’m not really looking to do something original, but I haven’t found much that is what I have in mind.

Some pieces that inspire me are these:

Fabric from Spoonflower

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 5.53.56 PM


I’ve sketched out a lot of variations of this grid pattern trying to flesh out what I want.

This quilt from etsy is also similar to what I’m envisioning.


This quilting is perfect-


I’ve also thought about going this direction, with the Sundown Quilt from Kitchen Table Quilting


I’d love to do a triangle quilt (which I’ve done before and loved) and pull the gradient out towards the ends.

Any ideas, internet???

Layer Cake QAL- Blocks 7 and 8

Almost 3 months since the last, time for a new installment of the quilt along from Material Girl.

layer-cake-sampler-qal-button21In that time I forgot that I actually did block 7 and only needed block 8. Boy oh boy you can tell I got rusty in those 3 months. And you can also tell that I haven’t found my favorite place to take photos in my new place.


Bad photo! And you can tell that the block on the left was done when I was well practiced, rather than the block on the right. And also the fan made it a bit wonky. Anyhoo.  Glad to get back in the swing of this one. I really can’t wait to see it come together.