Galaxy mini quilt

I’ve wanted to do a block or a mini quilt in the style of the Bloomin’ Quilt as you Go block.

Fast forward to now when I need a quick small quilt to whip up and submit to the OKC Winter Quilt show.

I was inspired by the colors of galaxies and space, and asked my boyfriend to choose a picture that he liked for me to use as inspiration. He chose this:


It worked great for the bloomin’ block!

I had a charm pack of both Winter and Autumn of Kaufman’s Patchwork City, so I thought those would work perfectly.

The technique took some practice, but I love improv piecing. I will say I would suggest using longer than 5 inch pieces, haha. But I made it work!

I did a warm square and a cool square:


Hopefully tonight or this weekend I’ll have some time to quilt and join them. They’ll be a wall hanging, but so far I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.


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