Spinning Icosahedron Pattern- tips!

In my quest to find inspiration for the boyfriend’s birthday quilt, I landed on the Spinning Icosahedron paper piecing pattern by Art School Dropout. I wanted to give a little review and some tips I learned while using it. il_570xN.426978279_2ktq

First, if you want to make this pattern, you need to be comfortable with paper piecing. It does not come with instructions on how to paper piece, but there are lots of great resources online.

My initial idea was to use shades of orange patterned fabrics on the icosahedron (20 sided shape), and dark values of navy and black on the background pieces. I wanted to do a line of the icosahedrons down one side of the “front” of the quilt with negative space in dark values throughout the rest of the top.

Here is attempt 1 at the pattern!


It’s a hot mess. First, I was getting the hang of the pattern so it’s not very precise, and precision counts when you’re making a geometric block. 🙂 There is way too much going on in the patterns of the fabric. I wanted the black center block to add emphasis but it takes away from the shape. It’s just not at all what I was going for.

So I modified my plan! Attempt 2-


Fuzzy pic with dog nose.

I was more on the right track, but still off. I highly recommend using one solid for the the background color for the block. Maybe if you used all solids in the icosahedron, you could get away with a printed background, but I’d still just use one fabric.

I liked using the low volume prints along the sides, but I thought the grey fabric blended too much into the background.

This is what I ended up with! IMG_8200

I’ll talk more about the full quilt in my next post, but I just wanted to share my experiences with the Spinning icosahedron pattern. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. The pattern I bought (linked at the top) comes with an 8″ and 18″ finished block. I want to try the 18 inch block! It’s a lot of fun and suggest you check out all of Art School Dropout’s sweet patterns.*

You can also see other prints/colors her testers did on this post- http://artschooldropout.net/blog/spinning-icosahedron-mini-quilt-release-day/#more-3668

*no compensation and I assure you she doesn’t know who I am 🙂


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