Timber QAL- Week 1

Time to get excited for colors! For week one of the Timber QAL with Modern Handcraft, we are looking at colors. I chose Kaffe Fassett Shots in blue and green (and yellow!).


Here are some accent fabrics that I am also considering adding in, Kaffe Fassett Stripes, and another solid in a beautiful coral:


I also realized that some of the Alison Glass hand printed batiks would coordinate well. I’m keeping an open mind about adding these in:

Here is the diagram of the pattern that we are supposed to color in. Here is where I’m running into my problem. I don’t know what to do for the neutrals. I love using neutrals beyond white and black, neither of which I really want to use on this quilt. I love Essex Linens, and I have rust, leather, black and navy. I don’t feel like they look right with this quilt. Does anyone have any great ideas for neutrals??? Either colors or particular fabrics?


IMG_7984 Next to the Essex Linens


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