Quiltcon 2015- Fabric accident

So I bought some fabric at Quiltcon, haha. Should I tag this as a confessional post? I did buy quite a bit, but I am rarely get to see all these gorgeous fabrics in person, so I figured I should stock up while I could see it with my own eyes and touch it with my own hands.

First is a secondary confessional. After the huge social media Cotton+Steel hoopla last year, it turned me a bit off of the brand. The hype was just a bit over the top. Don’t get me wrong, the fabrics are lovely. Well, I went to the Cotton+Steel booth first thing and the ladies were so cool and sweet, and the fabrics are dreamy in person. Their booth was interactive and I made a little pillow/pincushion- IMG_7958

And I love the newest lines, especially Mesa and Tokyo Train Ride.




I lived in Japan and this pattern reminds me of it in a lovely way.

IMG_7959 IMG_7953 IMG_7956

I hereby repent from my bias against Cotton+Steel. They even made me a Texas button by request.


I also did some more stash building. Some silly, some purposeful.


I bought llama fabric a good week before the great llama incident of 2015! Such a trend setter.


I was so happy PileOFabric was there. She does such a great job at color matching.IMG_7969

I think I’m done fabric buying for quite a while….


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