Traveling tote

I follow some amazing artisans on instagram and facebook, who are real inspirations. Bookhou is one of those.

She designs and screen prints beautiful fabrics, does indigo dying, makes great bags. I have one of her bags. I used her bags as inspiration to bring life to an idea I needed help fleshing out.

I found some great dark denim with a golden sheen and wanted to make a bag out of it. I’m going across the country next week so I thought I’d make a bag that could serve as my carry on/purse. I used this tote from Bookhou as inspiration:


And here is mine.

IMG_0593 IMG_0595

I used the denim for the exterior and handles, gold thread, and Ikea canvas for the interior. It’s nice and sturdy. I gave it a 3″ gusset so it can hold my laptop, kindle and wallet.

The photos aren’t great, but it tuned out exactly how I wanted it to. Isn’t that a good feeling?


Primitive Teddy Bear

Much like Nephew 1’s teddy bear, I decided to make Nephew 2’s teddy bear.

I just freehand the pattern and the cutting, pin and sew it together. I had trouble with the head to neck attachment, but with these I feel like all the quirkiness just gives them character.

I use buttons from my grandad’s shirt for the eyes. The plan is for the flannel on the muzzle, ears, and tummy to fray, giving it a more rustic feel.

It’s always a fun project because it always turns out differently!