Sunday Stash- Fabric accident.

Most Saturdays I go to our local farmer’s market. My good friends and former neighbors sell there, so it’s nice to see them and be out in the community. Right next to that is the flea market. I will often browse through. I’m a sucker for estate sales and old stuff.

I’ve been really good this month to not buy fabric. Until….

I came upon a booth at the flea market that was ALL FABRIC. A man’s wife died a few weeks ago and he was selling her MASSIVE STASH. It was all in pristine condition and sorted and stored so well. So many kinds of fabric and notions. Designer fabric. Batiks. Foreign fabric. Insert eye boggle.

This was one small corner.


So I went through her stash and filled two plastic garbage bags. I could have easily done more damage, but I showed restraint!


Here are the ones I walked away with.

This is so fun!

This is so fun!

Greens! My stash needs greens!

Greens! My stash needs greens!

Neutral shimmers!

Neutral shimmers!

IMG_9799 1 IMG_9797

LOVE this batik.

LOVE this batik.

IMG_9787 IMG_9788 1

Wood grain! I've been looking for one!

Wood grain! I’ve been looking for one!

African print

African print

Lovely paisley

Lovely paisley

Sometimes you can’t walk away from a great deal. šŸ™‚


Alternatives to neutrals

I wanted to start a new project, and I had a fat quarter bundle that had been sitting around that I had no direction for, so I made myself cut into it.


The fabric is Botanica, and I wanted to pair it with a neutral. I have a bunch of white fabric, but it was really too bright to go with Botanica. I didn’t want to go out and buy more fabric considering I am bad about using my current stash.

I finally settled on some fabric I got at a flea market. I guess it’s vintage? It’s a lovely shirting as you can see below. A warm blue with a cross hatch.fabrics

I also used shirting as a neutra/background color on another quilt I’ve worked on-


I love using it. I think it gives a great ‘neutral’ color and feel, with a little interest in the texture and color. Anyone else have a go-to “neutral” besides white?

Hello Moon

I wanted to do a small, modern piece. My nephew’s love of the moon inspired me. Here are a few pieces.


I have finished piecing it, but I still need to quilt it. I plan to hand quilt it. It will either be a mini quilt or a pillow.

I really like it so far!

Purples baby quilt

A special friend of mine is having a baby soon. We’ve known each other through several life changes, and her life is really blooming right now. Next month she’s having a baby!

I got the backing for this quilt first. My friend loves purples and I thought the accent colors were great with coral and a light blue. I actually was able to pull the rest of the fabrics for the top from my stash- always a plus!

It took me FOR.EV.ER to decide what pattern to go with. I wanted to go fairly simple and classic but still modern. At the 7th hour I went back to a pattern I pinned months and months ago from Felicity Quilts.



I got some pretty thread to quilt it-



It was delivered today, and here she is-

IMG_3574 IMG_3579