Quilting confessions

I’ve already misplaced who I saw do this, but I thought it was clever. Someone posted 10 quilting confessions, which made me laugh, some I empathized with, and some I disagreed with. But hey, to me it is refreshing to see people be vulnerable in the blogging world.

Here are a few of my quilting confessions.

  1. I’d be happy to only quilt in solids.
  2. When I see intricately quilted quilts, I can only think of how un-comfy they would be to snuggle with.
  3. I hate binding.
  4. I don’t like following patterns. I use them as a starting point and then do my own thing.
  5. I never know if I can trust some of the famous bloggers because their posts are often sponsored.
  6. I shop mostly at Joanne’s for supplies and fabric.
  7. I am a cheap-o and sales queen.
  8. I get way more nervous making quilts for the people closest to me- family.
  9. I overthink blankets when I am friends with those who will receive them.
  10. I am not a perfectionist! My quilts are all flawed with love.

For a photo, here is a sneak of a little project I’m currently working on. 



Toddler snuglet

I’ll avoid using the brand name, but I made my nephew a toddler sized snuglet today. He’s in a blankie stage, so it seemed like a fun little project. 

My sister gave me his arm length and height, and I just kind of free wheeled it from there. I didn’t want to make it too long, because even though he’s almost 2 and running everywhere, I didn’t want him to easily trip. I also put some elastic in the sleeves to help make them a little shorter.

I used this kid snuggie tutorial for basic ideas on construction. Can’t wait to see how it fits him in real life!