So close, not quite- Totem

Do you ever get so very close to finishing a project, then some logistic halts you in your tracks?

I thought I had plenty of binding for my Totem wall hanging, but alas. Day late and dollar short. AND I got it from Hob Lob so it won’t be open til tomorrow.

But I want to share what I did this weekend! It’s very exciting to me because it represents not only learning, but innovating and seeing my creative visions start to come to life.

IMG_2928IMG_2933IMG_2937IMG_2934 IMG_2938 IMG_2936


I love the quilting. It’s wonky and “straight line” and completely improvised. It has echoes of my inspirations for the Botanics quilt

I did basic black binding to “frame” it. 

It makes me happy. When it’s fully done I can’t wait to shoot it in a creative way. And even be in a couple of the pics, myself.


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