Crafty gifts- purse and pouch

I got a new sewing machine 2 weeks ago! Wee! I had been generously given my previous 2 machines. Both were great, but I was looking for some more advanced features now. I got a Brothers CS6000i.*


So far I’m loving it! It took me a minute to adjust to computerized sewing, but I love it. It’s so smooth. And the stitches and accessories included are awesome, and I have already utilized many of them. Sewing with it is a joy and has definitely encouraged me to sew more already.

My mom’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a quilted tote bag. If you’ve never made a tote bag, I used the basic guidelines from this awesome FREE Crafty class from Kristin Link. I would link directly to the class, but I’m having trouble with the site cooperating for me.


It ended up going a direction I didn’t expect, but ended up really liking.

I made a classic HST block for the front of the tote, then quilted it with some of the decorative stitches on my new machine. I used denim for the rest because I wanted it to be durable. I went to Salvation Army and got a long, denim skirt that I cannibalized for the denim on this project. It worked perfectly! I even utilized one of the pockets for the back of the tote bag. Perfect to hold keys and a phone.

IMG_2484 IMG_2482

My only disappointment is that because the denim was a bit cumbersome to work with, it ended up shrinking in size due to seam allowances. It’s smaller than I wanted, but is still perfectly sized to hold magazines.

IMG_2481 IMG_2485

I also decided to make a little pouch as well. My mom loves Americana, so I used some scraps to make it. These are actually scraps from a quilt I made for her a couple of years ago. I used See Kate Sew’s basic tutorial. I love tutorials like these, because they give you the guidelines, then you easily figure out how to modify and do your own thing from there.

IMG_2487 IMG_2489


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2 thoughts on “Crafty gifts- purse and pouch

  1. Whouhou, this is so exciting!!! I’m on the market for a new sewing machine as well. I had very basic ones in the past and feel like I want to upgrade now. I have my eyes on a Janome (DC 6030). Never used a computerized before but I had a mini run test and it felt incredible.

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