Flea Market Find- Vintage Flour Sack Quilt Top

I go out to the farmer’s market every week to visit my farmer friends and get real food. Most weeks there is a flea market in conjunction. Today I perused the flea market and made an amazing find.

I found a beautiful vintage (I think) quilt top that (I think) is made of flour sacks. I have very limited antique quilt knowledge, so I’m calling on the knowledge of the masses of the web to help me out.

Whether it’s truly antique or valuable or whatever isn’t as important to me, because I learned a while ago to only buy what you love. And I really love this quilt top. I want to finish it out.

Here are a lot of photos of it. It is ~86 x 64″. No tears. Dirty, but I will gently gently wash it.

Please let me know if you have any knowledge to share! I am going to reach out to antique quilt master blogger Tim Latimer.

Regardless, I think it is delightful. And I got it for a STEAL.















4 thoughts on “Flea Market Find- Vintage Flour Sack Quilt Top

  1. The pattern is Snails Trail aka Virginia Reel. The pix show the original string holes for a Feedsack. All fabric looks like c.1950-65.

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