WIP Wednesday. Sewing a dress- redux

This was a work in progress today, but I finished! Still counts. 🙂

After my roundabout win on the skirt I previously blogged about, I was inspired to try some more garments! This time with knit. Knit is a little less forgiving to sew, but more forgiving to wear.

I saw this pin/tutorial and thought, “I can do that”!




It works out perfectly because My current favorite dress (from Target) would make a perfect template.



So yesterday I picked up a yard and a half of a cute red and heather gray knit and started cutting! Well actually not that soon.

I got some Pellon 830 Easy Pattern Interfacing and made the template like the tutorial shows. Although I thought I could do it without cutting a pattern, the pattern was a great idea. And this interfacing was perfect.

I have had some experience with sewing knits. I always use a twin needle. This will make your life a lot easier. It gives the stitch the “stretch” it needs to move with the fabric. If you need a primer in sewing with knits, Made By Rae is the queen. Once you get the basic techniques down, it gives you a lot of tools to sew garments.

Here is how it turned out:

IMG_7047    IMG_7044 1


You can kind of see that the stripes are vertical on the front and horizontal on the back. That was a happy accident, haha. I was running short on fabric and had to get creative to make it work! I did end up cutting the neck line too wide.Oh well. This may be a piece I wear mostly under a cardigan, but I’m happy that it’s something I can actually wear! Practice practice.




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