Evolution of a dress

One of my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses is that I generally think I can do anything. In the sense that I’ll see something and say “Oh I could do that.” And I generally think I can do anything with no instructions.

So I saw this pin (I’ve seen the concept before, but decided I wanted to do it this time).



I figured it’d be nice for summer so I set out and got some fabric and a t-shirt, because I’m not arm-confident.


I actually did follow the instructions!  But it was not flattering.


It looked nice on the hanger!


But I realized that this look just wasn’t flattering on me. I think several factors contributed. I think that I left the waist too low, the shirt was too big. I also think the fabric of the long, big skirt was too heavy for the t-shirt.

So then I started cannibalizing it! Cut cut cut! I decided to just focusing on a skirt, because the fabric is so cute. I did a basic chop off the top. and ended up with this big ol mama skirt.IMG_6816

Again, terribly unflattering. Too much fabric. I do well with fitted clothes, so chop chop chop some more. I can’t even re-create the process for you in a sensical way.

IMG_6855 IMG_6853


I just pinned it while I was wearing it in a pencil skirt shape and sewed it til it made sense to me. I did make sure to not make it too small. Measure twice cut once and all of that.

Suburbs mama has a great tutorial on a simple skirt that helped guide some of my processes.

The beauty of sewing or crafting or life in general is that you can start on a path, but if it’s not working for you, just make it up as you go.


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