Sunday Stash- Sick week version

I have been terribly sick over the past month. Started with tick bites, then medication reaction, then a sinus infection, then pink eye. It’s been trying.

BUT I have been doing some fabric shopping. And I am getting better.

First from IKEA-




Britten Nummer-


In my sick delirium I ordered this- from Alexander Henry’s Everyday Eden. I do love it but I can’t remember why I ordered 2 yards. I had to have a plan, right? I blame the fever.






Joann’s has clearance fabric half off. I got 3+ yards of this lovely premium fabric for less than $10.


And from I ordered some elephant upholstery fabric for a little project. It’s really lovely.


Layer Cake QAL- Blocks 7 and 8

Almost 3 months since the last, time for a new installment of the quilt along from Material Girl.

layer-cake-sampler-qal-button21In that time I forgot that I actually did block 7 and only needed block 8. Boy oh boy you can tell I got rusty in those 3 months. And you can also tell that I haven’t found my favorite place to take photos in my new place.


Bad photo! And you can tell that the block on the left was done when I was well practiced, rather than the block on the right. And also the fan made it a bit wonky. Anyhoo.  Glad to get back in the swing of this one. I really can’t wait to see it come together.


Flea Market Find- Vintage Flour Sack Quilt Top

I go out to the farmer’s market every week to visit my farmer friends and get real food. Most weeks there is a flea market in conjunction. Today I perused the flea market and made an amazing find.

I found a beautiful vintage (I think) quilt top that (I think) is made of flour sacks. I have very limited antique quilt knowledge, so I’m calling on the knowledge of the masses of the web to help me out.

Whether it’s truly antique or valuable or whatever isn’t as important to me, because I learned a while ago to only buy what you love. And I really love this quilt top. I want to finish it out.

Here are a lot of photos of it. It is ~86 x 64″. No tears. Dirty, but I will gently gently wash it.

Please let me know if you have any knowledge to share! I am going to reach out to antique quilt master blogger Tim Latimer.

Regardless, I think it is delightful. And I got it for a STEAL.














WIP Wednesday. Sewing a dress- redux

This was a work in progress today, but I finished! Still counts. 🙂

After my roundabout win on the skirt I previously blogged about, I was inspired to try some more garments! This time with knit. Knit is a little less forgiving to sew, but more forgiving to wear.

I saw this pin/tutorial and thought, “I can do that”!




It works out perfectly because My current favorite dress (from Target) would make a perfect template.



So yesterday I picked up a yard and a half of a cute red and heather gray knit and started cutting! Well actually not that soon.

I got some Pellon 830 Easy Pattern Interfacing and made the template like the tutorial shows. Although I thought I could do it without cutting a pattern, the pattern was a great idea. And this interfacing was perfect.

I have had some experience with sewing knits. I always use a twin needle. This will make your life a lot easier. It gives the stitch the “stretch” it needs to move with the fabric. If you need a primer in sewing with knits, Made By Rae is the queen. Once you get the basic techniques down, it gives you a lot of tools to sew garments.

Here is how it turned out:

IMG_7047    IMG_7044 1


You can kind of see that the stripes are vertical on the front and horizontal on the back. That was a happy accident, haha. I was running short on fabric and had to get creative to make it work! I did end up cutting the neck line too wide.Oh well. This may be a piece I wear mostly under a cardigan, but I’m happy that it’s something I can actually wear! Practice practice.



Evolution of a dress

One of my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses is that I generally think I can do anything. In the sense that I’ll see something and say “Oh I could do that.” And I generally think I can do anything with no instructions.

So I saw this pin (I’ve seen the concept before, but decided I wanted to do it this time).



I figured it’d be nice for summer so I set out and got some fabric and a t-shirt, because I’m not arm-confident.


I actually did follow the instructions!  But it was not flattering.


It looked nice on the hanger!


But I realized that this look just wasn’t flattering on me. I think several factors contributed. I think that I left the waist too low, the shirt was too big. I also think the fabric of the long, big skirt was too heavy for the t-shirt.

So then I started cannibalizing it! Cut cut cut! I decided to just focusing on a skirt, because the fabric is so cute. I did a basic chop off the top. and ended up with this big ol mama skirt.IMG_6816

Again, terribly unflattering. Too much fabric. I do well with fitted clothes, so chop chop chop some more. I can’t even re-create the process for you in a sensical way.

IMG_6855 IMG_6853


I just pinned it while I was wearing it in a pencil skirt shape and sewed it til it made sense to me. I did make sure to not make it too small. Measure twice cut once and all of that.

Suburbs mama has a great tutorial on a simple skirt that helped guide some of my processes.

The beauty of sewing or crafting or life in general is that you can start on a path, but if it’s not working for you, just make it up as you go.

Nephew #2 Blanket

I started sewing because my nephew was born. I felt this compelling urge to make him a quilt. The first thing I ever sewed was a whole cloth baby blanket for him. I remember the stress of it and how pleasing it was when it came together. And of course how it felt to see him wrapped up in it.


Nephew #1 as bebe with his blankie


Well we’ve come a long way, baby, and so it was time to make nephew #2 a blanket. I did another whole cloth blanket until I can feel out his personality for his real quilt.





Simple but sweet. It feels good to sew again.Wrap those babies up in love.


ALSO I officially joined the Modern Quilt Guild, finally. The perks are pretty cool. Planning to head to Austin for QuiltCon next year!