Pack it up, y’all


A photo I took of the chickens, then filtered through a very cool oil paint action in PS6.

I have been sewing neglectful lately, primarily because I have decided to move (again). This marks my 3rd move in 2 years. I am not a crazy person, though these actions would not lead you (or me) to believe that.

I moved to College Town 2 years ago, not knowing anything about the area and sticking close to campus. Last year I moved 30 miles out of town to an organic chicken egg farm. Now I’m moving back into College Town, but a bit away from campus. I love living in the country, but the commute was killing me. I was too far from friends, as well.

So in a week and a half I’ll be moving again. This place will have a little dining room area that I will get to turn into a sewing nook!

I’m sad, but I’m excited for the change. I think this will be good for me and my mental/social health. I am naturally an introvert, and when you live so far away from people, it’s easy to become a hermit. But people need people, so here I go.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to bust back out all my supplies and hop back on the Layer Cake Quilt-Along train, and I’ll probably ask for y’all’s help as I organize my supplies in a new space!

Sew til ya drop-