Layer Cake QAL- Blocks 5 and 6

Quilt along continues!

I think this is actually really helping my sewing technique. These blocks are far more precise than almost anything I’ve sewn. I’ve talked about having trouble with that before. But hey, I’m getting better! Since each block has 16 HST, it provides a lot of practice. I really like both of these blocks- both the designs and the fabrics. It makes me happy. 🙂

Blocks 5 and 6

IMG_5021 IMG_5020


Of course this is from the wonderful Quilt Along from Material Girl 



Layer Cake QAL- Blocks 3 and 4


I’m still straggling behind in this quilt along, but now I’m done with week 2!

IMG_4877 IMG_4886 1

I’m still a fan of the quilt along model. Very good for me. This weekend I’m feeling very stressed out, so this has acted as kind of a meditation for me.

I especially like block 4, on the right. I know I’m being overly symbolic, but I purposefully put the rainy squares opening up into the flowered diamonds. Rain brings growth and beauty! Perfect for this cold, rainy day as well.

I also found some fabric this week to use for the sashing in this project!


It was on clearance at the Hob Lob, and you can’t tell but the little polka dots are almost aqua. I love it and it will be a nice contrast. If I can find more of this fabric, I’d love to make a top or skirt out of it as well!

Layer Cake QAL- Blocks 1 and 2


Subtitled, Annie’s first quiltalong!

I enjoy the format of the quiltalong. It’s nice to absorb other people’s creativity and be given a paced timeline for making quilt blocks. So many times when I’m quilting, I feel like I have to go FAST FAST FAST or I’m against a deadline, so this pace is very nice.

I am starting a few weeks late, but catching up should be easy.

I’ve finished blocks 1 and 2!


IMG_4821 1    IMG_4706


Ha, really terrible photos. I feel like life is crazy. Since the beginning of February, everything is a blur. Family emergencies, work insanity… I”m just along for the ride. But I’m trying to keep myself balanced and still do things for myself, like this QAL.

Sunday Stash and Layer Cake Sampler



I was lucky enough to find a great daily deal at Southern Fabrics on the layer cake I’d been lusting after, April Showers. I love online shops with daily deals.

I had even decided the project I was going to use it for. Material Girl Quilts is doing a Layer Cake Quilt Along with HST blocks. This is my first quilt along, although I’m starting a little behind!

I also love a bundle from Purl Soho with Robert Kaufman chambrays (not sure I will buy that one, but drool), and it inspired me to use a shirting/chambray fabric as the “solid” for the quilt along. I love the way they look together.

IMG_4688   IMG_4690

I’m starting the first blocks today and I am very pleased!



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