Simple refashion- t-shirt with zipper

I actually used my sewing machine today, so I figured it was worth noting.

Old Navy clothes and I have a bittersweet relationship. Sometimes they’re great and comfy, sometimes they fall apart after you wash them.

But I have a very comfy long sleeve v-neck “vintage feel” shirt I love from there. Great for lounging. And while lounging and sewing in December, I accidentally cut a hole in the middle of it. A pretty good sized hole just above the belly button. Boo!

Since then I’ve still worn it around the house when I’m alone. But I had an idea to save it and today I finally did it.


Terrible photo. Too tired to care. Although the zipper does not look centered here, it is.

Luckily the hole was almost dead center to the shirt, so I just cut a straight line down from the neckline, and added a zipper. I used my double needle for knits, and just eyeballed the whole process.

I’m happy with the results, but I’m not sure I trust the fabric. I’m guessing I’ll have to be pretty careful in washing it. But hey, now maybe I can wear this comfy t-shirt out in the world again. And I got myself back to using my sewing machine.

I also worked on another refashion today which I’ll share later. Another Old Navy garment, actually.

Have you every saved a hole-y shirt? How have you done it?


Times of changes and Sunday Stash

February has been a month of chaos, joy, tumult, grief, and change. Because of all that’s happened, I’ve done no sewing and have only been accumulating fabric.

Someone dumped a puppy out by my house at the end of January and I took him in. His name is Hank and you can help me find him a home.


My sister had a giant, healthy baby named Eli on February 1. I am so blessed to now have two precious nephews.


My grandfather died suddenly last weekend. He had a mercifully quick death and leaves an amazing legacy, but my heart is still so hurt.


Now for the fabric. I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve been doing a little retail therapy to cope with all this change. And so far in my little quilting life, I have not been very purposeful in fabric buying. But the more I work, the more I’m drawn to bundles and fabric lines rather than going on my own to try to match fabrics. I have discussed before how matching fabrics is a weakness of mine. So here is some of what I have bought.

From Westwood Acres I bought two fat quarter bundles. One is Botanica. It is so lovely.:


Also I bought a coordinating bundle for the Lush Uptown line. The line is beautiful, but not really my style, but I LOVED the colors. I am going to buy the wood grain fabric from Lush Uptown to make a quilt of these:


From A Vintage Fairytale on etsy I bought a fat quarter bundle of Mixteca, which is enchanting and beautiful.

IMG_4264 1

And finally at an estate sale I found some cute pieces. One is a queen sheet set from Ikea. I imagine I’ll use the pillow cases to make a skirt, and the sheet as quilt backing.


And I also bought some Indian and Indonesian panels at the sale… the colors are amazing. All three of them are 2 yards, and I can’t wait to decide what to do with them.


In honorable mention- I don’t own it, but I am desperately lusting after an April Showers Layer Cake. Maybe after my next pay day….

april showers lc

Well that’s it for now. It will probably be a long while til I can participate in a Sunday Stash again. Linking up to Molli Sparkles!