I’m not perfect.

I love reading quilting and sewing blogs. There are so many fantastic artists out there who are gracious enough to share their work and their process.

But sometimes their awesome blogs make me scared to share.

I don’t have money to spend on a fancy machine or designer fabrics all the time.

I live far enough out that it’s hard to join any quilting guilds or meet ups to get to know other cool people.

Sometimes my seams don’t match up and I don’t care enough to rip it out and make it perfect. My quilting is adequate at best. My binding is very spotty.

This is my attempt to organize a portion of my fabrics. And I was proud of it.


This is me. And this is my sewing. And rather than feeling chagrined to show my projects or set up, I’m going to own it. Because this is me. And I’m not perfect, but I love it and I try, and my projects are made with love.

To be clear, I don’t think anyone is judging me but myself. I am my own worst critic! But I hope this year I will be gentle with myself and proud of myself in my sewing.


9 thoughts on “I’m not perfect.

  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely and refreshingly honest post. I too, sometimes feel intimidated by the automatic sewing of the future. But the truth is, I am very content to know what I know, given to me from a loving grandmother and mother, my skills are mine alone. I love your stash boxes and I think they look amazing. There is never a need to compare. One stitch in time, is all it takes. As for the social aspect of sewing, I agree it is a shame that in large part we’ve become an isolated nation, with more and more people living further away from the cities and towns. Because you shared this darling post today, and I read it, I feel much better about setting up my machine again, (yes, it’s been years) and not being afraid of doing what I can. Recently read an article about some ladies who work all year long on quits that they lovingly give away to people facing especially hard times in their lives. All anonymously. I hope you will continue to be brave and bold and always give yourself proper credit. Today you made one old lady smile!!!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It is touching to know that what I feel resonates with other people! You’re so right- any work of art or craft is about the love put into it and the gift it is in your life or another’s. ❀

  2. Thankfully nobody is perfect. The thing I love most about sewing is creating something that is useful and that I can say about “I made that”. These items are never perfect. I share them because I hope to inspire others to try to make something as well. Your fabrics are definitely more organised than mine…

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Emmely! I agree with you, there is something so satisfying about making with your own hands, and I shouldn’t let my pride get in the way of it. πŸ™‚

  3. As a full time working mum I barely have time to craft, let alone make it perfect and pretty. Look too closely and you’ll see a wonky seam or a button that doesn’t match, but if they’re looking that closely and trying to find the mistakes they don’t deserve the piece that I’ve poured love and time into! Be proud of whatever you produce; there’s a lot of people who wish they could sew a button on, let alone make anything of any use!

    • Thank you for your comment! I agree, the imperfections of hand crafting are what make them both unique and precious! I hope to learn to rejoice in that rather than frown upon it!

    • Thank you dear Ashley! You are so talented, and you and others fill my inspiration boards with great ideas and encourage me to pursue this craft! I love your work and hope you keep sharing for a long, long time to come. πŸ™‚

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