Sewing and crafting and gifting, oh my

Since I feel much more comfortable sewing this year than last, this year I have many more sewn gifts. Since today was my last day of work for the year, I gave several of them away.

I wanted to make some doggie bow ties (I’m a dog person and my coworker is, too), so I used this tutorial from Paper & Stitch for a little boy’s bow tie and modified it a bit to make a doggie version.  Maybe this weekend I’ll write up a little tutorial on how I modified it to attach to a dog collar.


My little model, Davy Crockett

IMG_1824 IMG_1823

I also made a wall hanging for my friend who is letting me borrow her sewing machine. She LOVES cats, so I used Oh, Fransson!’s basic cat block for her current catvent.


This little piece was all about improv. I am NOT good at precision block making… boy did this demonstrate it. And after I appliqued the blocks to the background, I went back and ripped them all off because they weren’t straight. Ugh. Areas to grow in, I guess!

I think part of the issue is that I got a new ruler and I think I have been reading it wrong… does that happen to anyone else? Just me? Crickets…

I head back to my family in Tejas on Monday, so I better burn some rubber finishing up this weekend!

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts! ❤


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