Christmas projects


Bungalow Layer Cake

I’m TIRED. Did Thanksgiving wear anyone else out? Just me? Oh, ok. 😛

Luckily I L-O-V-E Christmas! I am a good little elf. This year my two remaining BIG Christmas projects are my nephew’s quilt and a throw for my grandmother.

It took me a long time to decide on fabric I like for my grandmother’s throw. She likes very bold colors and patterns, which is not usually my forte! But I love this Bungalow Layer cake. I think she will like it. She gets cold easily, so I want to make something she can snuggle up with in  her chair.

I am also going to make some casserole carriers, pot holders, and oven mitts.

When I start a quilt, like my nephew’s, I am so excited about the newness and prospect of it that it’s so easy to burn through about half the project on that energy. But that second half… you have to reach deep in the reserves to find the perseverance to finish it. For me, at least!

I’m also looking for some smaller, fun sewing projects to work on with some Christmas fabric I have. Do any of you guys have favorites?


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