Murphy’s Law- Christmas edition

I’ve been very proud of myself for how prepared for Christmas I was. Shopping done, projects under control… I even had 3 days to finish up my major sewing project.


Ice storm! 😦


We lost power Saturday morning for about 30 hours. 30 precious hours I needed to sew! (Yes, my priorities are skewed. 😉 )

I live in a VERY rural area, so that also meant no water. It was a frustrating day. I literally just slept with my dogs the whole day.

Sunday morning (pre-electricity return) I went to town to get out of the house for a bit and started crying at the fabric store. Here I’d worked so hard on my grandmother’s quilt and I wasn’t going to finish it! I was very bummed out.

But then lo and behold- my neighbor called to tell me power was restored! Christmas miracle!

I sewed my little hands off yesterday and finished my grandmother’s throw. It turned out to be more of a bear than I expected (my own fault. I’ll go into this in my finish up post for the quilt.) I still want to do some hand stitching on the binding to finish it off, but it’s packed up and ready to go.


FYI- Joann’s has super cute reusable bags


Right now I’m taking a break from packing up to leave town.

I likely won’t post til after Christmas, so from our little corner of the world to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!Image


Sewing and crafting and gifting, oh my

Since I feel much more comfortable sewing this year than last, this year I have many more sewn gifts. Since today was my last day of work for the year, I gave several of them away.

I wanted to make some doggie bow ties (I’m a dog person and my coworker is, too), so I used this tutorial from Paper & Stitch for a little boy’s bow tie and modified it a bit to make a doggie version.  Maybe this weekend I’ll write up a little tutorial on how I modified it to attach to a dog collar.


My little model, Davy Crockett

IMG_1824 IMG_1823

I also made a wall hanging for my friend who is letting me borrow her sewing machine. She LOVES cats, so I used Oh, Fransson!’s basic cat block for her current catvent.


This little piece was all about improv. I am NOT good at precision block making… boy did this demonstrate it. And after I appliqued the blocks to the background, I went back and ripped them all off because they weren’t straight. Ugh. Areas to grow in, I guess!

I think part of the issue is that I got a new ruler and I think I have been reading it wrong… does that happen to anyone else? Just me? Crickets…

I head back to my family in Tejas on Monday, so I better burn some rubber finishing up this weekend!

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Modern pinwheels- pieced

This weekend I pieced my grandmother’s throw.

I started with Joel Dewberry’s Bungalow layer cake. When I started, I was going back in forth between two designs. The layer cake almost evenly divides into color stories, as you can see below. Image

I considered doing a warm/cool value HST diamond quilt. Let’s see if I can find an example of what I was thinking. Ok, like this from Sew Katie Did.


BUT I absolutely don’t trust myself to distinguish values that well, so I went with my other option, which was a pinwheel quilt from HSTs.

My grandmother’s mother was a pretty amazing lady who also quilted, and I hear that she often made pinwheel quilts. I thought this would be a good nod to her legacy with a modern spin.

I made all the pinwheel squares, then decided such bold fabric needed sashing, so I added 1.5″ sashing between all the squares. I’ll also add a border before I baste/bind/quilt it.


Showing progress on my make shift design wall.

I am really, really pleased with how it turned out. I started out wondering how I’d do this piece since my grandmother and I have different tastes, but I think this combines traditional quilting patterns with modern prints.

Pieced top!

Pieced top!

Also, this is my first attempt with sashing! I know it’s pretty simple, but it’s always a bit nerve racking to try something new. I think it really sets the blocks apart.



I think I’m going to keep the border black, then do the binding and back in a bolder solid or even print, if I can find one in the next week that suits my fancy.

Here we go in the homestretch of Christmas!

Winter’s Lane snowflake quilt

For this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday, I am sharing a project I started this past weekend. I bought the Winter’s Lane layer cake because it is everything I love about winter in a beautiful color palate, but it took me a while to decide what to do with it in a way that showed off the fabric.

I was finally inspired by Little Miss Shabby, who showed a sample of what Winter’s Lane could look like in her SuperSized quilt along.


I loved that it had a traditional feel, and also reminded me of a snowflake. So I started out with my fabric.


Forgive how wonky the light made the colors.

After this, I diverged a little from Little Miss Shabby’s template. Partially because of how much of each fabric I had, and partially because I wanted to use more half square triangles than flying geese.

This is where my most recent sketches come into play.

I decided to only focus on one “ring” around the center star at a time. I made it through the next ring a couple of nights ago.


I like where it’s going, but I have the limitations of remaining fabric to work with.

Funny enough, this started as a wall hanging in my mind, but now it’s definitely growing to throw size.  Since so many of my projects have a definite vision, it’s been fun to do this project and just kind of let it go where it leads me!


Sketch it out

Even though I work online and with computers, I’m still a pencil and paper girl when it comes to brainstorming and working things out. So of course this translates to my sewing!

I have a moleskin graph notebook that is perfect. First up is a project I am currently working on. I’m trying to decide how I want to lay out my blocks for a wall hanging.


Here are some sketches from projects past!


I know there are computer programs that do the same thing- do any of you guys use those? Or does anyone hit pencil to paper like me? 🙂

Snow daze

I live in Oklahoma. We get a couple of snows a year, and  this weekend we got a pretty good little storm. I live in the middle of nowhere… 15 miles from the nearest town, so yesterday I packed it in to stay for a few days.

Here are my dogs enjoying the snow:



I finished the quilt top for my nephew’s quilt. Here are a couple of pics-


It’s not perfect, but it was made with love. ❤

I am NOT looking forward to quilting this… it will require much maneuvering on my little machine. But I can do it!

I also got a little crafty because I wanted to make some salt dough ornaments with my dogs’ paw prints. They turned out pretty cute. Here is the small one’s-


I’m supposed to get a couple of deliveries with sewing goodies today, so hopefully I will be sewing more soon!

Christmas projects


Bungalow Layer Cake

I’m TIRED. Did Thanksgiving wear anyone else out? Just me? Oh, ok. 😛

Luckily I L-O-V-E Christmas! I am a good little elf. This year my two remaining BIG Christmas projects are my nephew’s quilt and a throw for my grandmother.

It took me a long time to decide on fabric I like for my grandmother’s throw. She likes very bold colors and patterns, which is not usually my forte! But I love this Bungalow Layer cake. I think she will like it. She gets cold easily, so I want to make something she can snuggle up with in  her chair.

I am also going to make some casserole carriers, pot holders, and oven mitts.

When I start a quilt, like my nephew’s, I am so excited about the newness and prospect of it that it’s so easy to burn through about half the project on that energy. But that second half… you have to reach deep in the reserves to find the perseverance to finish it. For me, at least!

I’m also looking for some smaller, fun sewing projects to work on with some Christmas fabric I have. Do any of you guys have favorites?