Kermit quilt- pieced!

I think piecing is my favorite part of quilting.

It feels so good to see a project come together, quite literally, in front of your eyes.

Friday night I cut the pieces-


This was my first time to work with triangles. I was a little worried, but it was quite easy. I just used the template on the tutorial and cut it out of cardboard, then cut my pieces. The only weird thing was trying to use the fabric most efficiently.

Then I sewed. It went together really quickly and really well. I even went pretty slowly for me, because I wanted to be extra careful about matching up everything, since it is going to be such a geometric quilt.

After the first row I got worried, because I was not thrilled with how the colors looked together. But by the time I finished the top, I could see the whole “vision”, and I really liked it.


I really like it. I love the look of the triangles. One thing about the colors that surprised me is that when I hung it up, I was like, “huh, kind of looks Christmasy”. 🙂 But I think it’ll go really well in a baby’s muppet nursery! A feminine, modern, abstract spin on Kermit the frog. 🙂

Now to baste, quilt, and bind!


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