Kermit Quilt – the plans and fabric

Well, after that last post things moved much more quickly than expected and my friends got to bring home their sweet baby, after many, many disappointing years of hoping to have a child! What a gift!

So that meant that I needed to get on the stick about this quilt!

After hearing about the Kermit theme for the nursery, I saw a picture of modern art pieces they’d done. This is TOO CUTE. Image


That solidified in my mind that I wanted to do a modern quilt with solid colors. After MUCH LABORING AND SKETCHING (I totally over-thought this), I found a pattern I loved.

Modern Ombre Triangles from See Kate Sew.


Again, I’m using gradients of the colors of Kermit rather than these colors, but I love how the triangles echo the triangles of Kermit’s “collar”.  And frankly it looks simple enough for me to do a quick turnaround and get to this precious baby!


Kermit fabrics

Hopefully I can at least get the top done by tomorrow night, then perhaps finish by the end of the weekend.


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