Babies (x4)!

What could make me start quilting again? It’s been 3 months.

Four very special babies entering mine and my friend’s lives.

My sister is pregnant again, and I never made mynephew a proper quilt, so I need to do those. Also, three of my close friends are having babies over the next few months.

It’s a very happy time.

The first quilt up and first baby to arrive is a special adoption. Her room is Kermit the frog green, so I am wanting to do something clean and modern with the color palette of Kermit.



Kona Pomegranite


Kona Grass Green


Kona Bright Pink


Kona Chartreuse

Also with white and black, perhaps gray.

Does anyone have any thoughts on patterns? I want something that will be kind of timeless, so that if/when she grows past the Kermit nursery, it will still be appealing to her.

Yay babies!