How to fight quilting clutter?

This is a post where I need your advice and responses! Like I mentioned in my last post, I have moved and lost about 400 sq ft and a whole bedroom (my guest bedroom was primarily a quilting/junk room). 

I’ve been reading a lot of decluttering and simplifying blogs and articles to combat my packrat tendencies, but I don’t know how to deal with my quilting and sewing items. 

Despite only really sewing for about 8 months, I have collected a lot of fabric for my stash. Too much, I’m sure. How do you keep your stash reigned in? Do I already need to de-stash myself to keep it in check? How do you guys deal?

Can you be a quilter living a decluttered lifestyle?


3 thoughts on “How to fight quilting clutter?

  1. I keep my fabric in plastic draws that I got from Target and I keep each project in a ziplock bag. This seems to help me but I still sometimes have fabric everywhere else… Please don’t destash just make something and be proud of your stash ….it is all for you!

  2. You can never have too much fabric! I use plastic bins for my scraps. I think ziploc bags can damage fabric if left for a long period of time. I use scrapbooking cases for projects. They are snap-top cases that measure around 15″ square and you can get them at Michael’s craft stores. I have IKEA bookcases (expedit series) that I keep my fabric in.

  3. Hey I’m in the same boat as far as “I have way too much stuff in too small a space” and sometimes I walk in my sewing room/spare bedroom and just turn around and walk away because it’s so bad. So I’m here for the hints and tips!

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