Working with remnants- cross body bags

I like working with remnants. If you’re like me, and looking at walls of beautiful fabric is kind of overwhelming, it’s much easier to go to the remnant area and find something that stands out for me to play around with.

Also, at Joann’s, the remnants are 50% off, so that’s nice to and lets me play with some more expensive fabrics that I wouldn’t normally want to spend that much on.

I made this tote out of outdoor fabric remnant. It gives it some nice definition and makes it waterproof, plus it’s a great fun pattern.

222 226

For these bags, all you really need is about 2 fat quarters (for exterior- lining requires same amount, plus strap).

For the next bags, I have stumbled on to a fun find at Joann’s that might often be overlooked. In the home decorating fabric section, there is a large area of samples for different upholstery style fabrics, both indoor and outdoor. Most of them are about fat quarter sized- a little larger- and at Joann’s, they sell the samples for $2 once they’re out of print. This weekend I was at Joann’s and they were on sale for only $1. I picked up a couple and make this cute little black and crimson tote bag with a faux suede feel.



 Don’t overlook your friendly remnant section! #quiltingonthecheap


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