Feminine, pansy apron

This weekend I went to an estate sale (I’m a big estate saler) and bought a vintage apron. It’s cute, but in pretty rough shape, but I mostly wanted it to rip the pattern off and make my own version of it!



I’m not normally into bold floral prints when it comes to fabric, but I adore this fabric. Something about it to me is so feminine and pretty, and I love the pansies. I actually bought a remnant of it while I tried to decide what to do with it.


Perfect project combo!

The chest piece is 16″ x 12″. The skirt is 36″ x 22″.

This is my first time to work with pleats, and i love the slight feminine touch it gives!


It almost looks like a dress! In fact, I’d love a dress in this fabric! Maybe that’ll be next on my to do list…


2 thoughts on “Feminine, pansy apron

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