Anatomy of a pink quilt

Oh my, this project started with such good intention.

On a gradient high from my beautiful ombre waves quilt, I went down to Joann’s and got more gradient colors! This time in pink and purple. I had it in my mind to make some of these lovely gingham quilts as inspired by Craftyblossom (I LOVE her work).

Pink and purple fabrics


so I started with the pink fabrics, and cut it up in 5.5″ squares to start the pattern. However, when I put it on the design wall, it didn’t look right to me.

pink fabric in gingham pattern

It just seemed wonky to me, like maybe the squares were too big to be a good gingham. ALSO, I was mad at myself because in a gingham pattern, the medium color is most used, and I stupidly, accidentally bought the medium color in broadcloth. ARGH. I was still going to use it, but didn’t want it to be the majority of the quilt top.

So I started playing with patterns. I love a disappearing nine patch, so I decided to take my squares and make those and playing with patterns.

pink quilt

Let me just say, this is where I should have stopped. Oh hindsight. But no, I wanted to be more creative, so I decided to use the nine patches to make a bow tie pattern.


I like it alright. That’s not the issue, necessarily. The real trouble came when I began quilting. I decided to use this opportunity to do my first free motion larger quilt. I’ve practiced free motion quilting quite a bit on smaller projects, so I was ready to take this on.

HOWEVER. Step 1- break 3 needles in a row. They were strong needles, too. 90/14. I finally figured out I didn’t lower my feed dogs, blah.

Step 2- Stop breaking needles, start having jankey stitching on the back of this quilt. I should have taken some pictures to demonstrate this, but suffice it to say that the stitches aren’t tight at all. I think I need to pull half of it out and just redo it.

I wish I’d stuck with the symmetrical pattern and quilted it thusly, but hey, here’s to trying new things. I’ll find my motivation to try to finish it later this week.



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