Naval Diamonds in progress

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This is a quilt of four patterns including navy, cream and yellow. These are my high school colors, so I’m pretty biased towards them! Plus they give off a naval vibe to me that is outside of my typical color palate.

Because they strike me as “naval” colors, I wanted to use a pattern that would somehow reflect that. Also, I felt a strong pull to use dark and light color values in the design. Since I love half square triangles, I decided to use something with those.

I posted the three above designs to my facebook page, asking which people liked most, and the votes were pretty well equally split, of course. 🙂 And again, of course, I didn’t use any of those designs, but combined two of them, haha.

Naval Diamonds

Even though I like this quilt, the process has been a bit drudgery  and last night I forced myself to finish the piecing. Because I ended up doing a symmetrical diamond, I was short about 6 blocks, so I let myself get distracted by a bunch of other projects before finishing it. So last night I finished piecing it, then basted it. Basting is my least favorite thing. It’s fairly simple, but I am not a woman who enjoys slogging through the details. Primal Quilting asked the other day what our least favorite part of quilting was- mine is basting.  Hopefully tonight I’ll at least start quilting it. (And I did straighten out the lumps after this photo was taken)

I backed it in a simple white vintage sheets. I like quilts backed in white, and vintage sheets are such great fabric to work with. Still haven’t decided the binding, but it will probably be one of the patterned fabrics in the quilt.


2 thoughts on “Naval Diamonds in progress

  1. very pretty fabrics! are the triangles made from charm squares? I just finished a quilt with the same pattern but I have borders on mine. It was a Moda pattern for the Blitzen fabric line that came out last year. Thanks for linking to me! 🙂

    • Thanks! No, I cut these out, starting as 8.5″ squares.There aren’t any shops around here that carry many charm packs and I haven’t ordered fabric online yet, so I stick to cutting it myself. 🙂 And thanks for letting me know abut the pattern! I figure every HST pattern has been done by someone before. 🙂

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