Child’s reversible apron

Child's reversible apron

I’ve made aprons, but when it came to making children’s aprons, I wasn’t sure what size they should be. Children baffle me.

So I perused some child apron tutorials on the world wide webz yesterday, and ended up combining two:

Moda Bake Shop Reversible Apron and Somewhat Simple Fat Quarter Child’s Apron


Let me say a little something about making straps. Whether it’s bags or aprons, I always makes straps the same way, which is somewhat popular in tutorials, but neither of these used it. It is the method from the Sew Mama Sew craftsy class I took.

Basically, take a thick strip of fabric. This will of course depend on how wide you want your strap to be, but I’d say between 5 and 9 inches.

Open the strip. Fold in half again from each side, so that when it all folds in, there are no exposed edges. Press again. Fold strip in half long ways. Press fold.

Sew down open side of strap. Voila.  If this were a real tutorial, I’d include pictures, but well, I don’t have patience to take pictures while I work. 😛 🙂 And the web is full of brilliant seamstresses with better tutorials than I can do. Anyway, take the Craftsy class!

But really, this is the best way to make straps I’ve seen. None of this turning inside out nonsense.

Keep calm, sew on!


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