Quilt-o-grams and Mug Rugs


I mentioned that I’m doing my first craft fair next month, so I’m on a sewing bender for items of many price points to sell.

I love mug rugs and mini quilts, so I started doing a few of these little “quilt-o-grams.”

Cheap, easy, and perhaps timely for mother’s day, which will be not long after the craft fair.


This does not represent the author’s view.

I also thought about doing some states. I started with Oklahoma, which is where I live. It is not home sweet home to me, just FYI. (PROUD TEXAN) Anyway, I don’t know if I’m good enough at freehand quilting script to do the home sweet home, but I thought about filling it with some fun free quilting. within the negative space. Of course I will also make some Texas ones. 🙂

I love mini-quilts/mug rugs. They’re great for practicing all kinds of techniques on a small scale, and it’s not devastating when you screw something up. Although in a mini-vent, last night I had to rip seams out of one of the above referenced hearts with a straight pin, because my dogs ate my seam ripper. Grrrr.


3 thoughts on “Quilt-o-grams and Mug Rugs

    • Good question! I think it just takes practice to get in tune with your tension and how quickly you move the quilt. My machine is on the highest tension, but my machine is also an antique and wonky. 🙂

      Even then it doesn’t always look great on the back, so I usually don’t back or bind the sandwich until after I do the embroidery. Thanks for asking!

  1. the dog ate the seam ripper – hey, I could use that if I ever get into a sewing class. 😆 ‘course, I’d have to admit that it just *might* be factual, cuz my dog would certainly do that, given the chance. He just had his water bowl for dessert – and his rope/tennis ball chew toy is in shreds.
    I absolutely LOVE mug rugs – and now I’ll have to add free hand embroidery to the list of things to try on them. 😆

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