Rag Quilt for Moi!


blue rag quilt

Historically, I’ve not had great luck sewing things for myself. They end up not being my style or I give them away.

But this weekend I decided to try my first rag quilt with a bunch of flannel I had, using a tutorial from Creations by Kara. And I decided this is just going to be my own personal, snuggly blanket. I love it so far.

It’s a rich, deep blue. I had some other colors, but decided I just like the blue. Sadly, I ran out of fabric when it got to be about 35″ x 30″. I’m going to get some more this weekend. Depending on available colors, I’ll either do the predictable thing by continuing in the blue, which would be beautiful, but I also thought about adding rows in a gradient pattern of lighter and lighter blues. We’ll see how I’m moved.

One thing I loved about rag quilting compared to other work I’ve done is the quilt as you go aspect of it. Yes, sometimes it feels more laborious, but by golly, when you’re done with the “top”, you’re done with the back, too! I also love the weight and softness. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a better cuddle bug than my dogs, even. Ha!


One thought on “Rag Quilt for Moi!

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