Wood grain quilting

I’ve seen several cute quilt pins lately (e.g., http://pinterest.com/pin/161918549075241371/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/161918549075183354/) that feature simple one fabric quilts with wood grain quilting on them. I am a very novice free form quilter, but I decided to give it a go this weekend.

A few observations I made:

  1. It’d probably be smart to make your irregularities (circles, “wood knots”, etc) first, then do the lines around them. I think it’d feel more authentic that way.
  2. The larger the piece, the far more spread out the lines should be.
  3. I want to practice working on a better flow. In actual wood grain, it’s not generally random lines with helter skelter curves. They flow together, echoing each other.

I might throw some binding or applique on this and make it a mug rug for myself.

Lots more practicing to go. I signed up for my first craft show, which will take place in a month, so I’m excited but nervous. I need to get sewing like crazy!

Wood grain quilting


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