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Naval Diamonds in progress

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This is a quilt of four patterns including navy, cream and yellow. These are my high school colors, so I’m pretty biased towards them! Plus they give off a naval vibe to me that is outside of my typical color palate.

Because they strike me as “naval” colors, I wanted to use a pattern that would somehow reflect that. Also, I felt a strong pull to use dark and light color values in the design. Since I love half square triangles, I decided to use something with those.

I posted the three above designs to my facebook page, asking which people liked most, and the votes were pretty well equally split, of course. 🙂 And again, of course, I didn’t use any of those designs, but combined two of them, haha.

Naval Diamonds

Even though I like this quilt, the process has been a bit drudgery  and last night I forced myself to finish the piecing. Because I ended up doing a symmetrical diamond, I was short about 6 blocks, so I let myself get distracted by a bunch of other projects before finishing it. So last night I finished piecing it, then basted it. Basting is my least favorite thing. It’s fairly simple, but I am not a woman who enjoys slogging through the details. Primal Quilting asked the other day what our least favorite part of quilting was- mine is basting.  Hopefully tonight I’ll at least start quilting it. (And I did straighten out the lumps after this photo was taken)

I backed it in a simple white vintage sheets. I like quilts backed in white, and vintage sheets are such great fabric to work with. Still haven’t decided the binding, but it will probably be one of the patterned fabrics in the quilt.

Child’s reversible apron

Child's reversible apron

I’ve made aprons, but when it came to making children’s aprons, I wasn’t sure what size they should be. Children baffle me.

So I perused some child apron tutorials on the world wide webz yesterday, and ended up combining two:

Moda Bake Shop Reversible Apron and Somewhat Simple Fat Quarter Child’s Apron


Let me say a little something about making straps. Whether it’s bags or aprons, I always makes straps the same way, which is somewhat popular in tutorials, but neither of these used it. It is the method from the Sew Mama Sew craftsy class I took.

Basically, take a thick strip of fabric. This will of course depend on how wide you want your strap to be, but I’d say between 5 and 9 inches.

Open the strip. Fold in half again from each side, so that when it all folds in, there are no exposed edges. Press again. Fold strip in half long ways. Press fold.

Sew down open side of strap. Voila.  If this were a real tutorial, I’d include pictures, but well, I don’t have patience to take pictures while I work. 😛 🙂 And the web is full of brilliant seamstresses with better tutorials than I can do. Anyway, take the Craftsy class!

But really, this is the best way to make straps I’ve seen. None of this turning inside out nonsense.

Keep calm, sew on!

Quilt-o-grams and Mug Rugs


I mentioned that I’m doing my first craft fair next month, so I’m on a sewing bender for items of many price points to sell.

I love mug rugs and mini quilts, so I started doing a few of these little “quilt-o-grams.”

Cheap, easy, and perhaps timely for mother’s day, which will be not long after the craft fair.


This does not represent the author’s view.

I also thought about doing some states. I started with Oklahoma, which is where I live. It is not home sweet home to me, just FYI. (PROUD TEXAN) Anyway, I don’t know if I’m good enough at freehand quilting script to do the home sweet home, but I thought about filling it with some fun free quilting. within the negative space. Of course I will also make some Texas ones. 🙂

I love mini-quilts/mug rugs. They’re great for practicing all kinds of techniques on a small scale, and it’s not devastating when you screw something up. Although in a mini-vent, last night I had to rip seams out of one of the above referenced hearts with a straight pin, because my dogs ate my seam ripper. Grrrr.

Ombre waves quilt


I can’t even tell you how much I love this project. It is going to be so hard to sell.

This weekend at Joann’s, I made a last minute buy of a jelly roll of gradiented blue fabric. Joann’s doesn’t usually have much in the way of pre-cuts, so I was thrilled to find it. Now I have to go back and BUY THEM ALL. ( 😉 )


I’ve seen a lot of cute jelly roll quilt tutorials, but one stood out: Cluck Cluck Sew’s Strip and Flip

I loved the concept and design, but I am much too monochromatic for a rainbow quilt.

So… here we go with the blues!

I just sewed all the strips together lengthwise, cut a slice out of the middle (8″ in and 5.5″ wide), sewed white strips down the inlaid piece, and sewed it all back together!


Be still my heart. This is far and away the happiest I’ve been with a project.

Of course it is still lacking quilting and binding, but that shouldn’t be too rough. I want to “honor” the minimalist theme by quilting it simply and backing it in simple white.

Did I mention I’m in love with this?!


Split skirt apron


I tried a new apron pattern this weekend and it turned out to be easy and delightful.

Maureen Cracknell Handmade Four Fat Quarters Apron Tutorial

Here is my Craftsy entry


Remnant and fat quarters

 What was your inspiration?

I wanted to give my friend a hostess gift, and she loves to bake. I started with the cupcake fabric which is the main skirt, then coordinated remnants I had.

What are you most proud of?

Very clean looking.

What advice would you give someone starting this project?

Read through the whole pattern. She makes some addendums at the end.

Reversible tote bags



Are you on Craftsy? I love it. You can find me there.

I signed up for a free mini-class and learned how to make a reversible tote bag. The instructor is Kristin Link from the awesome Sew Mama Sew website.

I will copy what I wrote in my Craftsy entry for this project.

What was your inspiration?

The first tote is in navy and gold, my high school colors. The second tote is sakura (cherry blossom) inspired, because I lived in Japan for a year.

What are you most proud of?

That I did it! On the first tote I had some pretty big mistakes- sewed the pocket on wrong, sewed the interior and exterior together. I got frustrated, but cooled off then ripped out the seams and re-did it. And I love it!

What advice would you give someone starting this project?

I watched the video first then used the print out as I actually made it. I should have taken notes on the print out as I watched the video.

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